Principles and mission

We are a premium service. We choose only selected channels as our clients.

On the one hand, we want to live in the world of pure, high-quality content, beautiful unicorns running around the rainbow and happiness reigns everywhere. But, on the other hand, we understand that the author is also a person, who also wants to eat™. Therefore, we are ready to put up with advertising.

Advertising is such a beautiful and pleasant block, which is located in the middle of useful content. This is the only way.

Everything else must disappear.

Copy-paste must die. Politics should not have been born at all. Pornography is, of course, very good and pleasant, but also no. Scam is dead a long time ago, died out along with its mammoths (casino, sports betting, forex, binary options, info-business — all the same, we do not deal with any varieties).

Memes/cats/pictures/bitcoins — it is possible, but just for a little.

Except for the "dead subject matter", you immediately get a refusal in cooperation for following actions:

Once again: we reserve the right to terminate the cooperation at any time in case of violation of any of the above points.

And remember: пластмассовый мир проиграл!

On guard,