November 10, 11:55

Forwarded from RuCTFE:

Time to remind you of a couple of important things!

This year we again have RuCTFE Cloud, here is a short FAQ about it:

It is really good way for novice teams to start rocking at attack/defence. Pros can also use it, because it’s handy!

And tomorrow will begin @ZeroNights 2019!

ZeroNights is an annual international conference devoted to the practical aspects of cybersecurity. The aim of the conference is to spread information about new attack methods and defenses, as well as to create space for communication.

BAY, our Cloud creator and admin, can’t go to ZN this year, but he said, that the program is cool, most of all he likes "Principles in software testing and some bugs that others did not notice", "A Monkey in the Sandbox: Exploiting Firefox Through IonMonkey JIT and Kernel Sandbox Escapes", "Opwnsource: VNC vulnerability research".

So if you’re on the Saint Petersburg, come and buy tickets right now (or tomorrow at A2 club)! Also you can buy tickets to St. Petersbutg first, but hurry up 🙂