May 07, 2020

Прелестная развлекательная безделица: "Пир во время чумы" в переложении для глобального карантина, хакеров и биткойнов

Forwarded from Фермата:

А вот и русская версия карантинной оперы — "Пир во время чумы" Цезаря Кюи, спетая интернациональным составом скучающих оперных певцов.

A Feast in Time of Plague | Пир во время чумы
Support us: Поддержите нас: "A Feast in Time of Plague” is an international online project created to support opera singers around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. The project is attended by singers from Russia, Germany, France and Italy. At this difficult time, when opera houses around the world are closing and thousands of people are workless, it is very important to show firmness of mind and not let a difficult situation turn into a disaster. We hope that you will enjoy our film and after watching it for free, you will donate some money to one of the freelance artists support funds. If you want to contact us for an interview, or if you have information about other funds that raise money, please send us an email at “Пир во время чумы” — международный онлайн проект, созданный для поддержки оперных певцов во время пандемии COVID-19. В проекте принимают участие певцы из России, Германии, Франции и Италии. В это непростое…