May 14, 13:32

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По неясным причинам, никогда не слышал этого альбома Майкла Наймана (вышедшего на лейбле Брайана Ино Obscure) — а он совершенно фантастический, и вообще непохож на то, чем Найман знаменит.

Michael Nyman ‎- Decay Music (1976) FULL ALBUM
VINYL RIP / Obscure – obscure no. 6 (UK, 1976) 00:00 A1. 01 1-100 27:30 B1. 02 Bell Set #1 Michael Nyman - piano (track A1), percussion, (track B1) Nigel Shipway - percussion (track B1) Composed by Michael Nyman From 1968 to 1976, Michael Nyman worked as a music critic for various magazines (Studio International, Time Out, Tempo, The New Stateman or The Spectator). He studied 16th and 17th c. baroque music in the mid-1960s, composing only a handful of musical pieces prior to the present ‘Decay Music’ in 1976, the real starting point of his carreer as a composer. ‘1-100’ is an auto-generative composition for piano that feeds itself along the way while remaining fairly minimal throughout. The track is played at half the speed it was recorded. It was written for Peter Greenaway's film of the same title but rejected because it was too long. It was inspired by Frederic Rzewski's Les Moutons de Panurge, which Nyman often played with the Scratch Orchestra.…