October 31, 2019

Премьера рубрики "светские сплетни" в непериодическом медиа: архитектурное издание "ДизайнБум" представило мировой общественности подмосковную дачку владельца и вождя издательского холдинга Эксмо-Аст Олега Евгеньевича Новикова
Дачка - огонь!

green roofs melt j.mayer.h's n.n. residence into the rolling hills of rural moscow

located on an expansive site outside of moscow, berlin-based studio j.mayer.h has designed a private house for a family. the huge project, which boasts a total floor area of 57,048.73 ft2 (5300 m2), focuses on creating an architectural language that blurs the line between the landscape and the built environment. incorporating green-covered roofs and organic, undulating forms, the n.n. residence essentially melts into the patterns of the rollings hills which surround it.