November 29, 2019

Хотите симпатичных девчонок-гаечек? Их есть у меня. В Инстаграм есть отдельный аккаунт Tradie Lady Club

Tradie Lady Club Pty Ltd 🌏

#Repost @edennjjade • • • • • • Over 12 months ago, I took a break from social work and tried my shot at being a logistics/operations manager at a large building and renovation company; @mjharrisgroup. I went into this role having no idea how to even recognise what LOSP looked like (those who know timber, will understand this!), let alone knowing what a bugel screw was. I am still presented on a weekly basis, males looking straight through me and talking over the top of me assuming I have no idea what I’m doing, and how empowering it is to continually prove them wrong and put them in their place. I’m continually impressed by the amount of growing women in the building trade, from incredible designers to incredible chippies while the list goes on. To all those people who think I work a mans job, you have no idea the positive impact we can continue to bring to this trade! Go the girls!