January 19, 12:12

Наткнулся на двухчасовую документалку по истории текстовых квестов (Adventure, Zork, etc) – нишевому жанру, короткий расцвет которого пришелся на начало восьмидесятых, одновременно с распространением домашних персональных компьютеров. От тех старых текстовых приключений (который были, естественно, однопользовательскими), можно провести линию родословной аж к современным MMORPG, таким как WoW, или Eve Online.


Жанр текстовых квестов жив и поныне, хотя и стал, по большей части некоммерческим, которым занимаются энтузиасты. Но кое-что мне подсказывает, что он скоро может в некотором виде возродиться😉

GET LAMP: The Text Adventure Documentary
Google Tech Talk (more below) March 7, 2011 Presented by Jason Scott. ABSTRACT Jason Scott will talk about making the documentary and we'll be screening some portion of the film. http://www.getlamp.com/ In the early years of the microcomputer, a special kind of game was being played. With limited sound, simple graphics, and tiny amounts of computing power, the first games on home computers would hardly raise an eyebrow in the modern era of photorealism and surround sound. In a world of Quake, Half-Life and Halo, it is expected that a successful game must be loud, fast, and full of blazing life-like action. But in the early 1980s, an entire industry rose over the telling of tales, the solving of intricate puzzles and the art of writing. Like living books, these games described fantastic worlds to their readers, and then invited them to live within them. They were called "computer adventure games", and they used the most powerful graphics processor in the world: the human mind. Rising from side projects…