August 28, 2017

Чартмогул проаналізували посадкові сторінки сотні SaaS-бізнесів. Ось результати

SaaS landing pages in 2017: Our analysis of 100+ top businesses

We revisit our 2015 analysis to take a look at some of the changes and trends in SaaS landing page design in 2017. This expanded analysis looks at the landing pages of over 100 SaaS businesses of all sizes — with some powerful insights!

Цікавенний пост про речі, які повинен знати засновник про купівлю доменів

What Every Startup Founder Should Know About Buying Domain Names

Rewind back to five years ago, and I was helping some of the most incredible startups on the planet to find and acquire domain names. Now…