September 14, 2017

Кирило Мазур виклав коротку і класну презентацію «15 помилок при фандрайзінгу». Скажу більше: незалежно від того, чи збираєтеся шукати інвестиції, візьміть її за чекліст чесності перед собою та командою.

01. TARGETING WRONG INVESTOR — Choose the right stage, the right focus, determine investor's interests. Don't spam.

02. BUILDING UNREALISTIC FORECASTS — Investors research markets A LOT. Show them real numbers not your dreams.

03. TRYING TO GUESS TRENDS — Follow "the hype" carefully. Don't overuse words like AI, ML, AR, VR, bots, blockchain if your product does not really need this.

04. TOO PESSIMISTIC RETURNS TO INVESTORS — If you raising investments always try to understand how is your product looks like from investors' side. Remember about their profits.

05. THE TEAM WITHOUT AN EXPERTISE IN THE AREA — You should face the problem in person and fully understand it before trying to solve it.

06. THERE ARE TOO MANY UNCOVERED POSITIONS IN THE TEAM — In 95% of cases you should have dedicated responsible person for tech, sales and marketing "One-person team" are out of favor.

07. WEAK MARKETING STRATEGY — Try to understand your CAC, LTV, marketing channels and volumes, free customer acquisitions channels before raising any investments. It will increase your company valuation dramatically.

08. WEEK SALES STRATEGY — There is no anything sadder than a great idea with awful sales. "Only programmers team" are out of favor too :(

09. TOO HIGH RUNRATE AT EARLY STAGES — Market salaries are not for startup founders. Try to use every dollar in a smart way.

10. THERE IS NO CLEAR VISION OF YOUR CLIENT — Make your client your best friend. Understand his every desire.

11. THERE ARE NO CLEAR PLANS FOR WHAT THE INVESTMENTS WILL BE USED FOR — Build clear roadmap. Don't "over-feature" your product map. Remember about revenues.

12. THE ABSENCE OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES OVER YOUR COMPETITORS — We see it awfully often. The competitor is the company which solves the same problem as your product. It's not always about features. It's ALWAYS about clients needs.

13. WEAK TRACTION — If your product is not growing for a long time – try to fix it before raising money. Otherwise, you just waste your time.

14. THE LIE TO THE INVESTOR IN FACTS ABOUT THE COMPANY — Be ready to show any numbers, letters and confirmations for your words. Don't try to exaggerate. First lie will be the last lie :)

15. THE LIE TO YOURSELF IN FACTS ABOUT THE COMPANY — Be honest with your self ;)