October 02, 2017

Ендрю Чен (Убер) зі своєю дівчиною Емілі (Зендеск) записали відео про отримання інвестицій в Долині andrewchen.co/video-why-non-bay-area-startups-struggle-to-find-investors-here. Якщо не хочете дивитися, то нижче є короткий підсумок текстом.

VIDEO: Three things you need to know to raise money in Silicon Valley

  Raising money is hard. And it’s even harder if you’re an entrepreneur from outside the Bay Area. Entrepreneurs from outside of Silicon Valley often struggle to raise money here. There’s issues with culture and style, differences in expectations, as well as our emphasis on growth over monetization. I’m reminded of this every time I […]